How to take better photos on your mobile devices

Even as a professional photographer and freelance photojournalist, even I find myself often getting out my mobile phone to take a photo, rather than my DSLR.  Recently I bought the new iPhoneX which after using it for over a month now, I’ve found it the best mobile device I’ve used for its camera capabilities afterContinue reading “How to take better photos on your mobile devices”

First Ever Rocker Mini BMX Jam Comes to Rush Skatepark

On Wednesday 25th August, Rush Skatepark played host to the world’s first ever Rocker Mini BMX Jam where Pro-Riders from as far as Europe came to show off their skills and inspire the next generation of kids to take up this latest skatepark craze that is currently sweeping across the US, Europe and Japan inContinue reading “First Ever Rocker Mini BMX Jam Comes to Rush Skatepark”

Get Started With Your First DSLR Camera for under £400

Get Started With Your First DSLR Camera for under £400 Personally I would go for Nikon or Canon, there are other brands out there and people’s choice of cameras is a personal choice, for me, my first choice is a Nikon. My first DSLR camera was a Nikon 3300 which retailed at just £280 andContinue reading “Get Started With Your First DSLR Camera for under £400”

Riot at Idomeni Refugee Camp – 10th May 2016

The following photos show the riot that took place in the refugee camp at Idomeni on the 10th May 2016 – The Riot was between the Kurdish and Syrian refugees which started over a theft from the night before and an attack on a young Kurdish lad that morning.          

My Refugee Journey Update – 16th August 2016

I’ve been back in the UK now for two months after 7months travelling to refugee camps across Europe, my final stop was Belgrade and before that was Idomeni where I witnessed the final weeks of the camp in the north of Greece on the border with Macedonia…  Most of the refugees there had been stuckContinue reading “My Refugee Journey Update – 16th August 2016”

UK Threat Levels Explained

Serving in the British Army during the 90s we worked under what was known as BIKINI Alert State, this was our alert state indicator used by us to warn of non-specific forms of threat, including civil disorder, terrorist attack or war. Signs giving the current alert state were displayed at the entrance to government buildings and military bases.Continue reading “UK Threat Levels Explained”

Preparing and Packing for Syria

For someone that is interested in going out to fight ISIS, you must have linked up with groups in country, it would not only be useless going there with no contacts in country but quite possibly suicidal. Currently at the time of posting this article it is NOT Illegal to go fight against ISIS inContinue reading “Preparing and Packing for Syria”


Aryel didn’t like V For Vendetta. We were all crouched together in front of the laptop in the smallest room of the trailer, in our camp in the middle of the wheat fields which until a few days ago, when his group had arrived, had been covered with snow. Aryel didn’t understand all of theContinue reading “A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF ARYEL PUSAGURIAN – Freedom Fighter Of Rojava From Iran”


ALAWITES IN SYRIA: BETWEEN   BASHAR AL-ASSAD, LOSING WAR AND ENDANGERED IDENTITY “When the rich wage war, its the poor who die” Jean-Paul Sartre In the Syrian nightmare, which has started in March 2011, there is none who is safe from suffering but the levels of destruction are different. However, the pain is the same, no matter whoContinue reading “SYRIAN ALAWITES: THE PAINFUL DESTINY OF MISUNDERSTOOD ISLAMIC SECT”