Riot at Idomeni Refugee Camp – 18th May 2016

As tensions continued to rise and no hope of the Macedonian border ever opening acknowledge by most of the refugees that it will never happen, the refugees revolt in frustration.

14063851_1266934263319684_7902967089319326388_n 14063959_1266934279986349_632464899858838290_n

14064030_1266934429986334_1725726496196925903_n 14068281_1266934453319665_7516403458228812981_n

14079950_1266934336653010_1316506188074414943_n 13882601_1266934363319674_6660840487077970255_n

13882612_1266934376653006_6405391972836064013_n  13925285_1266934396653004_9194769988754160724_n

13932873_1266934456652998_1088280183951338684_n 13932960_1266934313319679_6739012555244626508_n

13938491_1266934319986345_4367513746633290591_n 13938612_1266934339986343_8234122966613916833_n

14040135_1266934423319668_7402410474433381673_n 14040208_1266934499986327_8951238391451224039_n

14046048_1266934393319671_5598710259238649947_n 14051577_1266934293319681_5587803788555936932_n

14051704_1266934289986348_7988389685836866935_n 14063823_1266934273319683_2615807958900318338_n

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