Riot at Idomeni Refugee Camp – 10th May 2016

The following photos show the riot that took place in the refugee camp at Idomeni on the 10th May 2016 – The Riot was between the Kurdish and Syrian refugees which started over a theft from the night before and an attack on a young Kurdish lad that morning.          

My Refugee Journey Update – 16th August 2016

I’ve been back in the UK now for two months after 7months travelling to refugee camps across Europe, my final stop was Belgrade and before that was Idomeni where I witnessed the final weeks of the camp in the north of Greece on the border with Macedonia…  Most of the refugees there had been stuckContinue reading “My Refugee Journey Update – 16th August 2016”

My Refugee Journey – Day2 at Idomeni

My Refugee Journey – Day2 at Idomeni Day started about 10am, I would say that those that can afford to buy some of their own food don’t bother getting up for breakfast and lay in, some don’t get up until 11am…  I guess they could be thinking what is the point of getting up? OnContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – Day2 at Idomeni”

Interview with Bian a 13yr Old Girl From Damascus, Syria

I’ve decided to ask the same six questions to the refugee youth of Idomeni to see if any of their thoughts and feelings are different to the adults and to show the dreams of these children who have grown up knowing almost nothing but war. Bian is just like any other 13yr old girl thatContinue reading “Interview with Bian a 13yr Old Girl From Damascus, Syria”

My Refugee Journey – 4th May 2016 | Day 1 in Idomeni

My Refugee Journey – 4th May 2016 | Day 1 in Idomeni After talking to a taxi driver in Macedonia close to the border with Greece, we agreed for him to drop me off in view of the refugees in Idomeni from the Macedonia side of the border…  This was for me to be ableContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 4th May 2016 | Day 1 in Idomeni”

My Refugee Journey – 31st March 2016

Its now been a week since I arrived back home from Lesvos after two months volunteering on the front line of the Refugee Crisis hitting the shores of Europe.  Like many, I felt that I couldn’t just watch it on the TV anymore and felt compelled to do something, so I linked up with anContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 31st March 2016”

Turkey – EU Deal Confirmed, But Will it Hold? Will it Work?

Turkey – EU Deal Confirmed, But Will it Hold? Will it Work? So this evening March 16th 2016, the EU agreed with Turkey terms for a 1-in-1-out deal to stem the Refugee Crisis flooding into Europe. Under the arrangement with Turkey, as of midnight Sunday 20th March all refugees/migrants arriving on the Greek island ofContinue reading “Turkey – EU Deal Confirmed, But Will it Hold? Will it Work?”

My Refugee Journey – 13th March 2016

I will start with a few thoughts about the current refugee crisis, particularly on the Greek/Macedonia Border.  The repercussions of Macedonia are very much now showing here on the island of Lesvos!!!  Kara Tepe camp where I am based with HSA (Humanitarian Support Agency) has a capacity of approximately 1500 refugees, but at last countContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 13th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 12th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 12th March 2016 The day starts with finishing the following of the Camp Fire volunteers who each day and night look out to sea and help bring refugee boats safely to the shores of Lesvos.  Its 8am and I at this moment don’t feel tiered, I’ve gone past that phase, soContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 12th March 2016”