Interview with Bian a 13yr Old Girl From Damascus, Syria

Bian-13yrs-old-from-SyriaI’ve decided to ask the same six questions to the refugee youth of Idomeni to see if any of their thoughts and feelings are different to the adults and to show the dreams of these children who have grown up knowing almost nothing but war.

Bian is just like any other 13yr old girl that you would know of except she has fled war in her country Syria…  Bian comes from Damascus and is now currently in Idomeni with her uncle.

I asked Bian about what she loved to do, her hobbies…  Bian loves to dance, she says to me sat in a tent of nearly 50 other refugees that she loves traditional Syrian Dance and Hip Hop, she was also a member of her local Drama Club and loves to act also.

Bian’s favourite football team is Barcelona and her favourite movies are Indian Bollywood movies.

I ask what kind of music she likes to listen to and Bian replies with Michael Jackson and One Direction.

When we started talking about life in Idomeni, Bian said its terrible, she told me she regularly needs to see a doctor due to having a heart problem, but the hospitals here are not equipped to help and needs to see a specialist in Germany.  Bian said living in Idomeni is like dying a slow death.

Bian tells me she is scared of the bombs with smoke the police fire at me, and she hate being dirty all of the time and having no privacy.

I ask Bian what her dreams are in the future, what job she would love to do and if she would like to one day be able to return to Syria…  Bian told me she wants to become an accountant and that she would never want to return to Syria, all she knows of her country is death, destruction, all she thinks of when she thinks about Syria is blood and death.

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