Mike Buss
Mike Buss

Mike Buss is a former British Infantry Soldier and Adventurer, turned Freelance photographer.

Mike has covered the Middle East Conflicts & Refugee Crisis as a photojournalist and has been published in newspapers across Europe and is currently writing a book on his refugee journey experience called ‘My Refugee Journey’.

Mike has embedded himself in Refugee Camps across Europe, living with and as a refugee photographing his journey & portraying the lives of the refugees.

When Mike isn’t overseas, he continues to follow his love of photography working in several fields of the photographic world, including:

  • Photojournalism
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Modelling Photography
  • Street Photography

Mike’s love for photography started at a very young age, influenced by his grandfather who was an avid photographer where he would be captivated by the images shown in slide shows his grandfather would put on after holidays overseas.  Mike’s first image that he recalls taking was of the Space Shuttle Challenger that flew into RAF Fairford on the back of a Boeing 747, taken on a  when Mike was a small boy at primary school.

Mikes Favourite Brand of Camera is Nikon and uses the Nikon 7500 DSLR.

Want to see what Mike carries in his camera bag? Click Here

Mike On Location At The Unofficial Refugee Camp 'Idomeni' In Northern Greece.
Mike On Location At The Unofficial Refugee Camp ‘Idomeni’ In Northern Greece.

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