Riot at Idomeni Refugee Camp – 10th May 2016

The following photos show the riot that took place in the refugee camp at Idomeni on the 10th May 2016 – The Riot was between the Kurdish and Syrian refugees which started over a theft from the night before and an attack on a young Kurdish lad that morning.          

My Refugee Journey Update – 16th August 2016

I’ve been back in the UK now for two months after 7months travelling to refugee camps across Europe, my final stop was Belgrade and before that was Idomeni where I witnessed the final weeks of the camp in the north of Greece on the border with Macedonia…  Most of the refugees there had been stuckContinue reading “My Refugee Journey Update – 16th August 2016”

Interview with Bian a 13yr Old Girl From Damascus, Syria

I’ve decided to ask the same six questions to the refugee youth of Idomeni to see if any of their thoughts and feelings are different to the adults and to show the dreams of these children who have grown up knowing almost nothing but war. Bian is just like any other 13yr old girl thatContinue reading “Interview with Bian a 13yr Old Girl From Damascus, Syria”

Safwat’s Journey – A Syrian Refugee on his way to Germany

Safwat’s Journey – A Syrian Refugee on his way to Germany I met Safwat at the Syrian Family Refugee Camp on Lesvos called Kara Tepe…  He spoke excellent English and helped me during a busy time giving out sleeping bags and blankets one night, helping with translations.  He felt he had to return the favourContinue reading “Safwat’s Journey – A Syrian Refugee on his way to Germany”

My Refugee Journey – 16th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 16th March 2016 Today started off with catching up with a bit of admin and preparation on a visit to the Mayor’s Office here in Mytilini…  Today at the Mayor’s office was just chatting about things in general and sorting interviews with the Mayor, Vice Mayor and other officials before IContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 16th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 11th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – Friday 11th March 2016 My first real day off since I got to Lesvos on 6thApril…  I’ve hurt my back enough for the Doc to give me two days off.  Day was spent doing admin so I guess not totally a day off but sat down doing admin on the laptopContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 11th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 10th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 10th March 2016 A day that left me by the end of it being stabbed in the arse!!!  The day started off normally, off to camp for 2pm start at Kara Tepe Camp where I got to work on making more tea for the refugees and handing out lunch…  The dayContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 10th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 9th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 9th March 2016 Today the morning shift have still not been able to make tea for the refugees in camp, so when our shift get to camp at 2pm, we are hoping to get the tea on as soon as we can during our shift.  But we have problems still, weContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 9th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 8th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 8th March 2016 Today at camp there’s a lot of moving around in the community square we call Kara Tepe Square…  The area where the refugees gather and where we serve the tea, and food.  A number of new large containers have arrived and we’ve been told we need to moveContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 8th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 7th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 7th March 2016 2pm and its back at Kara Tepe Refugee Camp…  serving tea and painting and drawing with the kids.  I enjoy entertaining the kids and making them laugh, I taught them a few things including the Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box dance which they find very funny andContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 7th March 2016”