UK Threat Levels Explained

Serving in the British Army during the 90s we worked under what was known as BIKINI Alert State, this was our alert state indicator used by us to warn of non-specific forms of threat, including civil disorder, terrorist attack or war. Signs giving the current alert state were displayed at the entrance to government buildings and military bases.Continue reading “UK Threat Levels Explained”

Top Five Countries Where Terrorism Kills Most People

A record number of people died in terrorist attacks in 2014, according to the recently released Global Terrorism Index. Terrorism has killed 32,658 people in the last year, compared to 3,329 terrorism deaths occurred in 2000. What was more shocking was that 78 percent of the terror deaths occurred in just five countries: Iraq NigeriaContinue reading “Top Five Countries Where Terrorism Kills Most People”

My Refugee Journey – 7th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 7th March 2016 2pm and its back at Kara Tepe Refugee Camp…  serving tea and painting and drawing with the kids.  I enjoy entertaining the kids and making them laugh, I taught them a few things including the Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box dance which they find very funny andContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 7th March 2016”