My Refugee Journey – 20th March (Dark Days)

My Refugee Journey – 20th March 2016 Today has ended with UNHCR pulling out transporting migrants/refugees from the shore to Camp Moria due to Moria becoming a detention centre and not a humanitarian centre for refugees.  Its just one more tragedy of a day full of tragedy to humanity.  Its as if the EU haveContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 20th March (Dark Days)”

My Refugee Journey – 20th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 20th March 2016 A VERY SAD DAY FOR HUMANITY… Well when I woke up this morning I really didn’t think I would witness what I did today, even after the confirmed EU-Turkey Agreement last night.  Today started with huge speculation and rumor on many of the Lesvos Volunteer groups and pages. Continue reading “My Refugee Journey – 20th March 2016”

Turkey – EU Deal Confirmed, But Will it Hold? Will it Work?

Turkey – EU Deal Confirmed, But Will it Hold? Will it Work? So this evening March 16th 2016, the EU agreed with Turkey terms for a 1-in-1-out deal to stem the Refugee Crisis flooding into Europe. Under the arrangement with Turkey, as of midnight Sunday 20th March all refugees/migrants arriving on the Greek island ofContinue reading “Turkey – EU Deal Confirmed, But Will it Hold? Will it Work?”

My Refugee Journey – 16th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 16th March 2016 Today started off with catching up with a bit of admin and preparation on a visit to the Mayor’s Office here in Mytilini…  Today at the Mayor’s office was just chatting about things in general and sorting interviews with the Mayor, Vice Mayor and other officials before IContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 16th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 11th March 2016

My Refugee Journey – Friday 11th March 2016 My first real day off since I got to Lesvos on 6thApril…  I’ve hurt my back enough for the Doc to give me two days off.  Day was spent doing admin so I guess not totally a day off but sat down doing admin on the laptopContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 11th March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 3rd March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 3rd March 2016 Today Ive sort of got a day off to help my back recover, but I’ve already arranged to be with Nicolle Hodges from CTV (A Canadian TV Channel) who was going to volunteer from 4pm-midnight at Kara Tepe, helping with the tea, so we meet up before and weContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 3rd March 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 21st February 2016

My Refugee journey – 21st February 2016 Well I can start with saying that the weather was much better tonight than the first night of heavy winds coming off the sea…  The day started after a mornings sleep and then I headed off to the OP (Observation Post) where I was the night before toContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 21st February 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 20th February 2016

My Refugee Journey – 20th February 2016 After another long night at the Kara Tepe, I awake to a message from the head of HSA (Humanitarian Support Agency) asking for a meeting…  Its become apparent that several small refugee boats are still getting to the shore of Lesvos undetected, making their journey more dangerous…  SoContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 20th February 2016”

The Tragedy of Child Life Due To War & The Refugee Crisis

The Tragedy of Child Life Due to War & the Refugee Crisis Even since before the EU-Turkey Agreement came into place last month, conditions for any refugee/migrant was appalling and beyond comprehension whether on the journey itself or at various refugee camps or gathering areas across Europe.  You would think that at least when theyContinue reading “The Tragedy of Child Life Due To War & The Refugee Crisis”