My Refugee Journey – 18/19th February 2016

Im writing this at 1:30am on 20th February, as Ive just finished a back to back day shift and night shift and now Im on Emergency Call incase any refugee boats come in over night and early morning…  Its been a long 2days! So I will start with 18th Feb, I got to the refugeeContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 18/19th February 2016”

The Refugee Camp That Isn’t Really A Refugee Camp…

A normal refugee camp that we have all seen before across the globe over the years has only ever had a maximum of 2 nationalities, but the camp in Calais named the Jungle has people from approximately 15 different nations and is home to over 6000 people. I recently visited the Jungle with Brighton baseContinue reading “The Refugee Camp That Isn’t Really A Refugee Camp…”

The Tragedy of Child Life Due To War & The Refugee Crisis

The Tragedy of Child Life Due to War & the Refugee Crisis Even since before the EU-Turkey Agreement came into place last month, conditions for any refugee/migrant was appalling and beyond comprehension whether on the journey itself or at various refugee camps or gathering areas across Europe.  You would think that at least when theyContinue reading “The Tragedy of Child Life Due To War & The Refugee Crisis”