The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – Refugee Crisis Volunteers…

I’m currently in Mytilini, Lesvos – The Greek Island that is receiving most of the Refugees out of Syria and the region coming through Turkey in un-seaworthy boats, many capsizing on route with many fatalities from drowning and hypothermia. But once the refugees get into Europe looking for asylum, do they really know what liesContinue reading “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – Refugee Crisis Volunteers…”

The UK Border Police Abuse of The Terrorism Act 2000

Since being pulled over by UK border police in Calais on my return from the Jungle and accused of associating with terrorism just for building shelters for the refugees, I’ve been contacted by over 50 volunteers who upon leaving the jungle themselves back to the UK were bullied, harassed, refused legal representation and questioned/searched atContinue reading “The UK Border Police Abuse of The Terrorism Act 2000”

The Refugee Camp That Isn’t Really A Refugee Camp…

A normal refugee camp that we have all seen before across the globe over the years has only ever had a maximum of 2 nationalities, but the camp in Calais named the Jungle has people from approximately 15 different nations and is home to over 6000 people. I recently visited the Jungle with Brighton baseContinue reading “The Refugee Camp That Isn’t Really A Refugee Camp…”

Calais Refugee Camp – A Volunteer Account

This is an account from a Volunteer called JP, who I’ve recently met on Facebook on one of the Calais volunteer pages. This was their first trip and this is what they witnessed. I’ve returned safely after three days at ‘The Jungle’ in Calais. The situation there is staggering. I expected to be taking partContinue reading “Calais Refugee Camp – A Volunteer Account”

Calais Refugee Camp

The refugee camp in Calais has been nicknamed the jungle where the migrants from all over the Middle East such as Syria & Afghanistan as well as from across North Africa. People fleeing the terror of ISIS, Islamic Extremism and civil war. The migrants hope to find asylum in the UK, and regularly tempt deathContinue reading “Calais Refugee Camp”