My Refugee Journey – 10th March 2016

Mike handing out biscuits to the refugee children of Kara Tepe Refugee Camp
Mike handing out biscuits to the refugee children of Kara Tepe Refugee Camp

My Refugee Journey – 10th March 2016

A day that left me by the end of it being stabbed in the arse!!!  The day started off normally, off to camp for 2pm start at Kara Tepe Camp where I got to work on making more tea for the refugees and handing out lunch…  The day went on much that way for the rest of the afternoon until my back said its time to rest as the pain got too much.  The Boss, Fred said go to the Doctor, I said I was OK but he insisted to go have my back looked at.  So off I went, I spoke to the doc explaining what was wrong with my back and how I hurt it…  I was expecting some Bruphen but no, not this Doc, he said he was going to give me an injection, an injection in my arse! Not impressed! I had gone 42yrs without ever having my arse stabbed with a needle and hope that was the last one lol.

He also gave me some tablets and said to take two days off.  So the rest of the shift I was left to just chill till it was time to drive everyone home for the night.

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