My Refugee Journey – 9th March 2016

Mike handing out biscuits to the refugee children of Kara Tepe Refugee Camp
Mike handing out biscuits to the refugee children of Kara Tepe Refugee Camp

My Refugee Journey – 9th March 2016

Today the morning shift have still not been able to make tea for the refugees in camp, so when our shift get to camp at 2pm, we are hoping to get the tea on as soon as we can during our shift.  But we have problems still, we have no perimeter such as rope of fencing to stop kids getting close to the burner and the shed still needs to be moved another meter or so backwards to give more space to brew up in safety.

The fiasco of lifting the shed yesterday damaged the shed so lifting it again would likely cause the shed to fall apart, so David and I set about a solution and come up with the oldest trick in the book, place it onto rollers like they did in ancient Egyptian times.  Problem, we have no rollers and the shed is on loose stones.  So David and I go on a scavenging hunt around the camp and find old long metal tubes and break up a couple of pallets. The pallets are made into a small railway line to place under the shed to place the metal poles onto.  Levering each side we get our little railway line under the shed and then the poles and between the two of us we simply push the shed the metre or so back that we need to move it.  Devour professional scavenger also acquires some metal barriers that we form up around the shed to form a fence line to stop kids from getting close to the gas burner.

Its now about 5pm and we are good to start tea again, much to the delight of all the refugees of which we now have 1250 in camp right now.  The first brew of nearly 400 cups are devoured within 30mins.  Time to get another brew on.  I leave camp about 8pm and head back to the house as we’ve got a HSA pasta party at our house where all the gang will be heading over.

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