Number of Migrants Entering Europe in 2015 Surpasses 1Million People

With the troubles in the Middle East showing no sign of de-escalating and the displacement of millions of people in countries such as Syria, Europe has seen the number of migrants and refugees entering Europe pass the 1million mark this year. This is the largest migration of people since WW2.  Watching the news over theContinue reading “Number of Migrants Entering Europe in 2015 Surpasses 1Million People”

Top Five Countries Where Terrorism Kills Most People

A record number of people died in terrorist attacks in 2014, according to the recently released Global Terrorism Index. Terrorism has killed 32,658 people in the last year, compared to 3,329 terrorism deaths occurred in 2000. What was more shocking was that 78 percent of the terror deaths occurred in just five countries: Iraq NigeriaContinue reading “Top Five Countries Where Terrorism Kills Most People”


BRITISH troops have been deployed to the front line in Afghanistan in support of local Afghan Forces to take back a key town from Taliban. UK soldiers have been mobilised to help Nato forces seize Sangin in Helmand province from the Taliban. The MOD said the SAS are not taking on a combat role andContinue reading “SAS IN BATTLE AGAINST TALIBAN IN AFGHANISTAN”

Foreign Travel Advice – Syria

Still current at: 7 January 2016 Updated: 21 December 2015 Latest update: Summary – update on air strikes in Syria for up to date information: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Syria. British nationals in Syria should leave now by any practical means. The FCO is not able toContinue reading “Foreign Travel Advice – Syria”

Warzone Vacations

A new breed of travellers and tour operators have slowly started growing in numbers since the troubles in the Middle East and only the world’s most unstable regions will do for these adventurers. Destinations are available just about everywhere in the world that the British Foreign Office and the US State Department have advised againstContinue reading “Warzone Vacations”

The New Face Of Europe: Immigrants Between East And West

Writing about Europe’s refugee crisis is not an easy task when we consider the fact that this crisis could be presented and understood in many ways, depending on one’s political standing. For some progressive political thinkers, this is the refugee crisis of the century and all people who come to Europe need to sheltered andContinue reading “The New Face Of Europe: Immigrants Between East And West”

Libya The Peace Deal So Far

Reported: 17th December 2015 New Libya peace deal – What could go wrong? A UN-brokered deal to create a national unity government in Libya is to be signed Thursday in Morocco. But who signs and who doesn’t is just one of the challenges. ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Libyan officials from rival factions are on the verge ofContinue reading “Libya The Peace Deal So Far”

Time To Make Peace With Serbia and Stop Attacking The Country For Its Past

It’s just a few days now before I head out to Serbia on the next part of ‘My Refugee Journey’ and I can’t help but think about the country and its recent history and the backlash Serbia has continued to this very day to receive.  I’m a former British who served through the 90s whenContinue reading “Time To Make Peace With Serbia and Stop Attacking The Country For Its Past”

My Refugee Journey – Day2 at Idomeni

My Refugee Journey – Day2 at Idomeni Day started about 10am, I would say that those that can afford to buy some of their own food don’t bother getting up for breakfast and lay in, some don’t get up until 11am…  I guess they could be thinking what is the point of getting up? OnContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – Day2 at Idomeni”