My Refugee Journey – 24th February 2016

My Refugee Journey – 24th February 2016 Weather turned today with extremely heavy rain and thunder/lightning storm…  So watch duty has been called off, but instead of a night off Ive volunteered to be on emergency call all night and helping with recruitment on social media for HSA.  The night duty was very quiet, andContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 24th February 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 23rd February 2016

The day started with me getting up at about 11am after another night shift watching over the water for refugee boats coming from Turkey…  After getting myself ready I headed down to Damas the bar/restaurant that we all tend to hang out at when we are not on duty, mainly to use the wifi asContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 23rd February 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 21st February 2016

My Refugee journey – 21st February 2016 Well I can start with saying that the weather was much better tonight than the first night of heavy winds coming off the sea…  The day started after a mornings sleep and then I headed off to the OP (Observation Post) where I was the night before toContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 21st February 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 20th February 2016

My Refugee Journey – 20th February 2016 After another long night at the Kara Tepe, I awake to a message from the head of HSA (Humanitarian Support Agency) asking for a meeting…  Its become apparent that several small refugee boats are still getting to the shore of Lesvos undetected, making their journey more dangerous…  SoContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 20th February 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 18/19th February 2016

Im writing this at 1:30am on 20th February, as Ive just finished a back to back day shift and night shift and now Im on Emergency Call incase any refugee boats come in over night and early morning…  Its been a long 2days! So I will start with 18th Feb, I got to the refugeeContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 18/19th February 2016”

My Refugee Journey – 17th February 2016

Today was the busiest day I’ve had since being here in Lesvos, which is about 10days now…  We started the day with a massive beach clean-up, which is where lots of volunteers from various groups/organisations here to support the refugees go to the beach and clear as much of the life jackets and small boatsContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 17th February 2016”

The Refugee Camp That Isn’t Really A Refugee Camp…

A normal refugee camp that we have all seen before across the globe over the years has only ever had a maximum of 2 nationalities, but the camp in Calais named the Jungle has people from approximately 15 different nations and is home to over 6000 people. I recently visited the Jungle with Brighton baseContinue reading “The Refugee Camp That Isn’t Really A Refugee Camp…”

Calais Refugee Camp – A Volunteer Account

This is an account from a Volunteer called JP, who I’ve recently met on Facebook on one of the Calais volunteer pages. This was their first trip and this is what they witnessed. I’ve returned safely after three days at ‘The Jungle’ in Calais. The situation there is staggering. I expected to be taking partContinue reading “Calais Refugee Camp – A Volunteer Account”

10tons Of Fire Wood Donated To The Refugees Trapped In Idomeni

On Thursday 14th April, 10tons of much needed fire wood arrived in Idomeni… The donation was from the Costa Del Sol West, Anglican Church. Many of these 12,000 refugees/migrants have been stranded with no way of moving on further into Europe since all borders were closed including the Greek Border with Macedonia. Fire wood is neededContinue reading “10tons Of Fire Wood Donated To The Refugees Trapped In Idomeni”

The Tragedy of Child Life Due To War & The Refugee Crisis

The Tragedy of Child Life Due to War & the Refugee Crisis Even since before the EU-Turkey Agreement came into place last month, conditions for any refugee/migrant was appalling and beyond comprehension whether on the journey itself or at various refugee camps or gathering areas across Europe.  You would think that at least when theyContinue reading “The Tragedy of Child Life Due To War & The Refugee Crisis”