My Refugee Journey – 24th February 2016

Mike on an OP looking out for refugee boats coming from Turkey.
Mike on an OP looking out for refugee boats coming from Turkey.

My Refugee Journey – 24th February 2016

Weather turned today with extremely heavy rain and thunder/lightning storm…  So watch duty has been called off, but instead of a night off Ive volunteered to be on emergency call all night and helping with recruitment on social media for HSA.  The night duty was very quiet, and so was not called out for any emergencies.  On my normal night duty, watching out for refugee boats, I may expect only 3 or 4 boats in a whole month at my location due to them being boats driven by smugglers…  it does make for very boring nights but its an important job, though my body is starting to really complain about the rocks in my arse and the cramped position I’m in at the OP.

Refugees are still coming in at a rate of 850-900 per day and being processed at Moria Camp and then on ad hock basis Syrian families are moved to our camp Kara Tepe. Before they catch the ferry to Athens.

I’ve been chatting so some of the other NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) over here about interviewing them about their roles on the island of Lesvos.  I’ve mentioned before that there are over 80 NGOs and independent volunteer groups on Lesvos with I think over a 1000 volunteers, some very good like HSA (Humanitarian Support Agency) who I’m volunteering with and then the not so good groups which I may name a few later in my stay on the island.

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