My Refugee Journey – Belgrade 17th April 2016

My Refugee Journey – Belgrade 17th April 2016 The day started with heading down to the two parks near the Belgrade railway station where the refugees are situated.  They are two small parks where a strange co-existence of both refugees and locals during the day sit and relax in the park…  During days like todayContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – Belgrade 17th April 2016”

Angelina Jolie Arrives in Lesvos

Angelina Comes to Lesvos to Witness the Refugee Crisis on the Island Hollywood actress and UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie arrived this morning on the island of Lesvos after being delayed in Lebanon.  She was due to arrive on Lesvos on Tuesday to visit refugee camps Moria and Kara Tepe. The famous actress was appointedContinue reading “Angelina Jolie Arrives in Lesvos”

My Refugee Journey – 1/2nd March 2016

My Refugee Journey – 1st and 2nd March 2016 Back on Tea duty at Kara Tepe Refugee Camp – a very busy camp with over 1000 refugees on site – at 6pm about 400 refugees left for the ferry to Athens but coaches full of refugees keep arriving – speaking to my UNHCR Friend AbdulaContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – 1/2nd March 2016”