Pakistani Protest Against Deportation – 17th March 2016

Anyone that isn’t Syrian, Iraqi or Afghan, have their Refugee Journey terminated once they get to Lesvos… The unofficial Camp once known as Afghan Hill and now called Better Days For Moria is full of over 500 Pakistani refugee/migrants looking to flee persecution from Taliban and for some their religious beliefs that are not accepted by the authorities of Pakistan.
So every once in a while the Pakistani community of Better Days For Moria gather for a peaceful protest against deportation.

IMG_4181 [164968] 947354_1014519771949041_1781488142021540046_n

IMG_4152 [162888]  IMG_4165 [163294]

IMG_4156 [163005] IMG_4174 [163708]

IMG_4169 [163425] IMG_4170 [163513]

IMG_4171 [163515] IMG_4172 [163517]

IMG_4173 [163706] IMG_4175 [163710]

IMG_4176 [163837] IMG_4177 [163839]

IMG_4178 [163841] IMG_4179 [164964]

IMG_4180 [164966]

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