Children of The Refugee Crisis – Photos

A snapshot of photos depicting life as a refugee child in refugee camps across Europe…

All Photos are copyright and the property of mbphotography 

IMG_4248 [177817] IMG_4252 [177996]

IMG_4251 [177937] IMG_4250 [177935]

IMG_4249 [177933] IMG_4245 [177625]

IMG_4246 [177813] IMG_4247 [177815]

IMG_4243 [177621] IMG_4241 [177687]

IMG_4244 [177623] IMG_4240 [177685]

IMG_4242 [177689]

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Former British Soldier and Professional World Record Breaking Ultra Endurance Athlete... Now Freelance Photojournalist and co-owner of smmb media UK. Photojournalist - Adventurer - Athlete - Fitness Professional - PR & Marketing Contact:

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