A Snapshot Of Life In The Refugee Camp At Idomeni

This gallery has photos showing life in the Refugee Camp in Idomeni, an unofficial camp in the North of Greece on the border with Macedonia.  I covered the story of the refugees in this camp in the last six weeks up to the eviction by the Greek Police & Army.

The day before the eviction of Idomeni, at least 8 coaches full of refugees left the camp where many had stayed for over 3months for the very last time, accepting the border was not going to open. It was a sad day for me, as many of my new Syrian friends were leaving this day, I wish them luck on their new Refugee Journey where ever it takes them…  All photos are copyright protected and the property of mbphotography, if you would like to use and purchase them, email: info@mike-buss.com

13315641_1063613853706299_6984002684554327145_n 13325656_1063308290403522_5039870896986536795_n

13331007_1063277387073279_970993354772697889_n 13322185_1063304770403874_3040595979123588142_n

13315626_1063277430406608_4512938924547353809_n 13315238_1063281943739490_541062934447613736_n

13315455_1063304767070541_360017412052378471_n 13339425_1063281940406157_7203924245839079863_n

13344582_1063275757073442_8843446299808703474_n 13346552_1063304707070547_8925428830801202684_n

13343071_1063282667072751_3930057745191817979_n 13319795_1063612590373092_6417632021666633293_n

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