17yr Old Refugee Detained At Ellinko Detention Centre Dies In Hospital

Looking in from outside the Detention Centre
Looking in from outside the Detention Centre

17yr old Refugee Girl detained at Elliniko Detention Centre Dies in Laiko Hospital

A 17yr old girl has lost her battle to stay alive after becoming ill several days ago…  According to her mother the girl became ill at the Ellinko Detention Centre, but due to the fact there is only one infirmary at the camp and a lack of medical staff, the camp was unable to help, but instead of rushing the girl to the hospital, they were put in a taxi to Laiko Hospital where 5days later the young girl lost her life.

The mother clearly lays blame at the Greek Government for not providing refugees with proper healthcare.  This is just another example of how the EU-Turkey Agreement and the lack of planning and logistics to implement it has caused not only pain and suffering, but also death.

Reported by Mike Buss – 20th April 2016.

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