Foreign Travel Advice – Syria

Still current at: 7 January 2016 Updated: 21 December 2015 Latest update: Summary – update on air strikes in Syria for up to date information: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Syria. British nationals in Syria should leave now by any practical means. The FCO is not able toContinue reading “Foreign Travel Advice – Syria”

Warzone Vacations

A new breed of travellers and tour operators have slowly started growing in numbers since the troubles in the Middle East and only the world’s most unstable regions will do for these adventurers. Destinations are available just about everywhere in the world that the British Foreign Office and the US State Department have advised againstContinue reading “Warzone Vacations”

Time To Make Peace With Serbia and Stop Attacking The Country For Its Past

It’s just a few days now before I head out to Serbia on the next part of ‘My Refugee Journey’ and I can’t help but think about the country and its recent history and the backlash Serbia has continued to this very day to receive.  I’m a former British who served through the 90s whenContinue reading “Time To Make Peace With Serbia and Stop Attacking The Country For Its Past”

My Refugee Journey – The Why

My Refugee Journey – The Why After watching the refugee crisis unfold in the news and media, I felt I had to see for myself and planned My Refugee Journey, the plan was to cover as many countries as possible that were affected by the crisis, along with attempting the journey the refugees take toContinue reading “My Refugee Journey – The Why”